Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Taste Fort Collins For Yourself

This coming weekend of June 13 and 14, the annual Taste of Fort Collins will be held at the Civic Center Park. This event has almost every type of entertainment one could imagine; art shows, music performances, craft displays, and of course a huge variety of great food from local Fort Collins restaurants.

On Saturday, the event begins at 8 am with a 5k run/walk that is dedicated to children who suffer during child abuse investigations. Throughout the rest of the day there will be several music performances as well as a pie eating contest. On Sunday the gates open at 11 am and go until 6 pm with a performance by Gin Blossoms.

In an article in the Coloradoan that explains a bit more about the Taste of Fort Collins, it lists some of the restaurants that are already confirmed to be attending the event, "Rasta Pasta, The Melting Pot, Carino's Italian Grill, Albert Pit BBX Taj Mahal, Uncle's Pizza, Eliot's Mess, the Little Italian Kitchen and Cheba Hut, to name a few."

So don't make any other plans for the weekend because this is an event that you won't want to miss. Tickets can be purchased at the entrance gate for $5 before 3 pm and $10 after 3 pm. There will also be a weekend pass available for $15 and a great VIP deal that includes special benefits.

Recreational Parks in Fort Collins

Follow the link below to take a tour of one of the many
scenic parks that Fort Collins has to offer:

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

BolderBOULDER Facts

In an interview with Matt Jenkins, the Marking and PR coordinator for the BolderBOULDER race, he goes in debth about the interworkings of who takes part in the race, the type of training that is involved, and what to expect for next year.

Q: Does number of people that participate in the race grow each year or does it seem like the race becomes more popular?
A: Overall, our numbers grow every year (about 2.5% growth). On anniversary years (e.g. our 30th in 2008) we see a spike in registrations, and then it falls back a little the following year (like it did in 2009). It’s interesting that 30-40% of our field each year has never done the race before, so we have a loyal following and a lot of new faces each year.

Q: Were there any people that came from another country to participate in the race?
A: We had 97 people from out of the country this year. A lot of families and friends converge from around the country each year to meet and do the race together.

Q: Is there anything that is going to change about the BolderBOULDER next year?
A: We have no plans to change the course or schedule in 2010. We moved the International Team Challenge up so it would finish before the Memorial Day Tribute this year. It was so successful that we will do the same thing again in 2010.

Q: How long do people usually train for the race? What does it take to be a coach?
A: On average people start training specifically for our race about 2-3 months ahead of time. Our BoldRUNNING training club has a wide range of coaches, from top level runners to middle-of-the-pack athletes. They all share the same ability to motivate and teach others to improve their running.

Q: Are there any other races that are similar to the BolderBoulder in Colorado?
A: Nothing really comes close to the size or scope of the BolderBOULDER. We try to give a world class experience through the whole registration process, from start to finish, and in the stadium after the race.

Q: How have the profits earned from the race helped non-profit groups?
A: This year 60 non-profit groups used the race as a fundraiser and earned money based on the number of volunteers they brought to the race. We also donate to the CU scholarship fund and donate supplies and merchandise to other local events.

Q: Does the BolderBOULDER team change each year? Are there other events that are held during the year when the BolderBOULDER is not taking place that are headed by the same team?
A: We have a core group of four people that work for the race year round, and dozens of seasonal staff that work anywhere from a couple months to a couple days surrounding the race. We also put on these three race series events:

The BolderBOULDER is a race for all ages and from people all over the world. There are hundreds of volunteers, racers, organizations and supporters of the race that look forward it every single year. This event is for multiple great causes, and is a fun way to get exercise at the same time so why not give it a try in 2010.

Interview With Rafting Guides

There are endless outdoor adventures available to those living or just visiting Colorado. White water rafting is both an intense and exciting experience for people of all ages. Dan Fleishman is a guide for Rocky Mountain Adventures in Fort Collins, and absolutely loves his job as a raft guide.

"It's my seventh year here but now I train the new guys which is pretty neat because they’re just starting; actually two weeks ago they just started. See I raft all over the West, as much as possible. I just got off a 21 day Grand Canyon raft trip"

Like Dan, most of the river guides have loads of experience rafting. They know when the water level will be at its best, and also areas to avoid when the current is flowing faster than normal. Dan explains that the best time to raft is around May and June, although not many people know this. The busiest season for tourists is during July.

The Cache La Poudre River is most popular for white water rafting. Rocky Mountain Adventures, which Dan is a guide for, offers a variety of trips down this river; both half and full day. There are several other rafting companies located in Northern Colorado too. They each present different prices and trips. Some only take tours down the Poudre River while others will make the trek down the Colorado or the North Platte.

"There are five companies on this river. It’s a national wild and scenic river so there are only five companies allowed by law and each company has a quota. We can only take so many people down the river each day; 100 people on weekends and 120 on weekdays," is what Dan explained. He also advised that during the peak season which is July and August, reservations should be made in advance because once the quota is hit, they cannot take anymore rafters.

Owen McCain is another raft guide who has been assisting people down the Poudre River for four years now. He works for the Wanderlust White Water Rafting Adventures which specializes in the Poudre River only. Owen describes the various levels of rafting that his company offers to people wanting to raft, "We provide class two, three, and four. Class two and three is beginner stuff, more family oriented and class four is more advanced. Right now the class fours are definitely fun."

He tells us about the joys of his job, and how he looks forward to seeing his co-workers every day he comes to work. He also boasts about what an experience it is to be able to have a different kind of adventure every single day.

The rafting season goes on until late August. Therefore, while the river is running high and the sun is shining, river guides are urging residents and vistors in Colorado to take advantage of the opportunity, and jump into a raft and head down the white waters.

Follow this link to access an Audio of this story:

Monday, June 8, 2009

Summer Jam 2009

KS 107.5 is hosting Summer Jam this coming weekend at Fiddler's Green Amplitheatre in Englewood Colorado. Some popular hip-hop and R&B artists that will be playing this year include:
  • Jay-Z
  • T-Pain
  • Mary J. Blige
  • Yong Jeezy
  • Jadakiss
  • Juelz Santana
  • Jim Jones
  • Elephant Man
  • The Dream
  • Mavado
  • Serani
  • Festival Village
  • Pleasure P
  • Backstage
  • The Crowd

Along with this list of artists, there will be surprise guests performing as well. Summer Jam will begin at 5:30 pm on Friday, June 12. Ticket prices range from $5-$240, and if still available, can be purchased in numerous places including TicketsNow.

At last years' Summer Jam concert, Lil' Wayne tore it up. Many fans are looking forward to performances that are just as crazy if not more so than previous years. For those who are lacking funds or already have other plans this Friday, be sure to catch backstage footage of the concert beginning at 4 pm at KS 107.5 website.

White Water Rafting Podcast

Click the link below to listen to a podcast about rafting in Northern Colorado:

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Live Music Concerts at Mishawaka

The Mishawaka Amplitheatre is hosting the Sonic Bloom three day music camp-out festival June 26-28. Beyond the music, this concert series will also include dancers, painters, artists and performers. Like every year, there will be a complimentary breakfast on the morning of the last day (June 28).

Mishawaka, also known to many locals as "the mish" is a restaurant and bar that is popular for its cool atmosphere and all of the concerts that it holds every single summer. The Poudre River runs right by the restaurant, with picnic tables outside to eat at, and several campsites nearby to stay the night at.

There are already several concerts scheduled for the month of June:

12: Emmitt Nershi Band
14: Boulder Acoustic Society
19: Yamn, Holden Young Trio, The Switch
20: Lunar Fire
21: Finders & Youngberg
26, 27 & 28: Sonic Bloom

The mish website lists the locations where concert tickets can be purchased.